Get Country back from aroundLatLngViaIP searches

Open Question;

Need: View Search Analytics by a Country tag. What are people searching for in UK vs US, see search queries by location and no. results.

We are using aroundLatLngViaIP to sort results by nearest.

And I presume Algolia uses the same method to give the Geo results by country in the Analytics Geo Tag.

As Algolia already do this, I wondered if there was any way to get the Country that Algolia resolve to back to our front-end, as it must already exist.

Or we just have to implement our own IP location detection method (usually incurs cost).

Hi @will.hancock,

If I understood correctly you would like to have metrics per country. Today it’s not possible to have such data out-of-the-box. We do extract the country from the searches but we don’t give the ability to filter on it. You have an endpoint though in the Analytics API to get the top country where your searches come from.

We don’t provide this information out-of-the-box but you can implement it by yourself. You can leverage the analyticsTags parameter to tag the searches with the country they come from. You can find more information about this concept within the documentation.

Hope that helps!