Get list of stop words?

Can we get access to the list of stop words Algolia uses for the removeStopWords flag?

I was surprised to find out that “design” is considered a stop word.

That’s true that our list of stop words is not documented yet, first because we update it periodically, and mainly because it currently contains over 8,000 words… which would probably not fit inside a forum post. :slight_smile:

“Wait… why so many words?”, you might be wondering. That’s because we have stop words for many different languages (see the removeStopWords parameter documentation for an exhaustive list).

What is probably happening in your case is that you enabled stop words for all languages at once, which is usually not a good idea, as it creates a lot of noise. For example, “design” happens to be a stop word… in Czech! :smiley:

I would advise selectively enabling stop words just for the languages used in your text. For example, to enable stop words for English only, use removeStopWords=["en"].

I hope this helped. Happy coding!

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Hi there. I am doing a comparison test with and without English stopwords. For the most part, I’m seeing what I would expect but am also seeing some strange behavior. To troubleshoot (and to implement this feature if test results are favorable) I need to see the actual list of stopwords which I can’t seem to find anywhere. Do you have a list of stopwords in English? I am not at all comfortable flying blind with this feature – if we’re going to remove words, we need to know what words those are. Many thanks.