Get multiple objects in single query from instant search

Is there any widget/wrapper available in instant search which acts as a wrapper for this function of Algolia Search Client: Get Objects | Indexing | Method | API Reference | Algolia Documentation

Hi @priyal.jain, Welcome to the community!

I believe you want to retrieve results from your index using instantsearch. I would recommend you start the implementation of instantsearch and use the Hits widget to display the results.

In case my interpretation is wrong, Can you please explain what you are trying to do?

Hi @harshmaur
I have implemented the hits widget and I am able to get the search results based on the what user is searching, but there is another requirement wherein I want to send multiple ids to Instant search at once and retrieve the whole data in once array list. Is it possible with Instant search or Should I use Algolia Search client for that?