Get Rid of "All" at end of NumericMenu List

Hi, I’m just wondering if there is a way to get rid of the “All” option at the end of the NumericMenu. I’m using a Custom Connector and that labels are getting sent as numbers which is essential because it’s displaying the refinements as stars such as “Greater than 1 Star, Greater than 2 Star” for reviews very similar to Amazon. However, the “All” label gets sent as a string and I can’t seem to be able to disable it.

The All gets added indeed when there’s no '' value in your data yet here:

The solution is to use transformItems to filter it out:

    { label: '<= $10', end: 10 },
    { label: '$10 - $100', start: 10, end: 100 },
    { label: '$100 - $500', start: 100, end: 500 },
    { label: '>= $500', start: 500 },
  transformItems={(items) =>
    items.filter((item) => item.value !== '')

this also works with connectors. Here’s a sandbox:

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We add the “All” value to make sure that once you refine, you’re still able to go back to a search state without refinements, so make sure to not trap people into a certain range by also having a clear button on the page

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Thank you, that was the solution. I did add a Clear button as well.

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