Get the "Search API Logs"

As part of some monitoring process we are doing, we are using the “Search API Logs” feature to monitor the number of calls that are done to a a particular application.

This is a very useful tool, in which you can get all the information about the requests (the IP, when it has been done, etc.) but it would nice if this data could be filtered easier than it’s now (for example, filtering by IP or a date range). And it would be even better if this data could be exported to a CSV or JSON, for example.

I’ve searched in the monitoring REST API if it’s possible to get this information, but it seems that is not available. So having this endpoints would cover our needs too.


Algolia does offer a basic API for log retrieval using getLogs, but it’s just fro grabbing the raw logs and returning them as an object – you’ll need to push them to a log management tool to do any filtering or querying.

I can let the team know you’re interested in the ability to do this filtering on the server side via the API.

Hey @chuck.meyer, thanks a lot for your suggestion! Finally, I have create a very simple Node script, based on the ones that Algolia offers: GitHub - MiguelAngelGarciaGomez/algolia-get-logs: Get the logs from an Algolia instance filtered by date to get the logs filtered by a date.
I hope you find it useful and if you (or anyone) has a suggestion or want to contribute to it (I’m totally sure it can be improved :smiley:), I’ll be open :wink:

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This is cool! It might be a good candidate for the Code Exchange if you’re interested in submitting it:

Great! I didn’t know about this :slight_smile: So I’ve created the request: [Sample code submission] - Get the logs from an Algolia instance. · Issue #47 · algolia-samples/about · GitHub