Getting facets as null when trying from API libraries

We have a products index where the products are from different categories and there are facets for defined for each category.
We are using the Java API client library to retrieve the list of facets for a category.
But we encountered an issue where the facets data was coming as null. Although the data was there (I also tried querying through postman and it gave results). But in my code, it was giving NULL POINTER EXCEPTION when I try to retrieve the list of facets.

This issue started after our Algolia application was blocked due to quota limit exceeded.
But after some time, we got the account unblocked and Algolia was getting accessed.

So I have this question - Is it possible that after this issue, the SDK stopped giving results? I mean now this issue is not there but I am trying to understand on what could be the possible root cause for the issue where the facets were coming as null through the code whereas they were getting accessed through postman/dashboard.

Any pointers will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.