Getting trending products with PHP client

I’m wanting to make a trending products request using the PHP client. The documentation here:

Get Trending Global Items API Reference | Algolia

says you can use

$recommendClient->getTrendingGlobalItems(array requests)

However I cannot see a getTrendingGlobalItems method on the Algolia\AlgoliaSearch\RecommendClient class. Has this not yet been implemented yet? Or is there a version of the php client where it is implemented?

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I believe this method may be a work in progress and has yet to be added to the new PHP Client. We have a beta client in progress which you can find more information about here.

I will submit a request to our docs team to clarify this as it is confusing. Thanks!

Thanks @michael.king - how stable is the beta? Is it ok to use in production? (The “alpha” tag doesn’t inspire confidence :grinning:)

@mross I’m not sure we would recommend it for production quite yet. I know the alpha tag would make me nervous too :grinning:

@mross Confirmed with the team that this method does not yet exist in the PHP client. Currently, the trending models are only implemented in our JS client.

Our team will update the documentation page accordingly here soon.

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