Getting Unreachable Host error message

I have a process I built for updating the index for my eleventy sites.

Index Update: algolia-index-update - npm

Site: GitHub - johnwargo/random-errors-11ty: Eleventy version of Random Errors

The process all of a sudden stopped working, immediately after I added a second application to my Algolia acccount.

Here’s the error I’m getting from the algolia-indexing (algolia-indexing - npm) package:

:heavy_multiplication_x: Stopping all indexing

Error: [algolia-indexing]: Unreachable hosts - your application id may be incorrect. If the error persists, contact

A quick search tells me this is a network problem, but one of the articles I read said it was also a next.js problem. This happened yesterday and is still failing today and I’m not having any other network issues.

I’m pulling the API Key, index name and so on from my local environment, and I double checked to see that the values are populated properly.

Any ideas?

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I figured this out, twas a problem on my side

I’m having a similar issue. What was the culprit for you?

I had my project and API keys switched.