Google Analytics integration using react-instantsearch-dom?

I’m using react-instantsearch-dom and I can’t see how to enable Google Analytics integration using these components as described in this link when using the instantsearch.js library:

Can anyone point me to an example?


I think I found the answer in the docs:

Interestingly, when I had the react documents selected in the left-hand nav dropdown clicking the “integrated google analytics” link still sent me to the “instantsearch.js” page. But after some clicking around/searching I found the react specific documentation.

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Hi @steve2,

I’m sorry you had some issues with our docs but glad you found what you are looking for!

Although you may have already figured it out, I wanted to post a reply here to help anyone else who may be running across a similar issue.

You can choose the ‘flavor’ of InstantSearch at the top right as well:

Thanks again for your contribution!