Group hits by timespan for a certain time range


Is it possible to group search hits by a timespan within a time range.
I have an index where we have a property date.

What I want to do is:
Hits between Jan 1 2022 - 21 Dec 2022 with a certain search term.
Group hits every quarter and get something like this:

1 quarter: 5956 hits
2 quarter: 3423 hits
3 quarter: 222 hits
4 quarter: 5467 hits

I am not interested in this case to get the actual content, only number of hits and grouping them.
Is this possible at all via the Algolia API/Javascript library or can this be solved in another way without to many requests due to the limit of number of hits.


Any luck with this? I’m trying to do the same

Maybe to late, but I made a multi query with no attributes or content to be returned. Only using nbhits which works fines for my use case.