Handling multiple currencies in search box

Handling multiple currencies using Shopify's jquery.currencies.min.js


my store has multiple currencies and I need the instant search plugin to have the user’s currency. My theme is https://bazien-1.myshopify.com

Thanks for the help.

Hi @minifiguresdisplay . You’ll need to provide us with more information.
Which system are you using to handle those multiple currencies?
Is it the same one than the one in the forum post you’ve linked to?
If yes, have you tried the solution described there?
If no, which one are you using?

our website is https://www.minifiguresdisplay.com/
We are using the Shopify application: Coin by ShopPad (https://apps.shopify.com/coin) which is based on the Shopify currency change.
Our subject is Bazien (bazien-1.myshopify.com) and the solution of the other post does not work with my theme. Any idea of what configuration I should use?

Unfortunately I could not find any technical resources for the coin app.
Could you contact their support as you’re their current user and ask them how to dynamically call their price conversion method after the page has already been loaded and put support@algolia.com in CC?
I’ll happily jump in to provide more details to their team.

I’ll also make sure to update this thread once we get this resolved.