Having multiple search result options based on facetFilters

My search index includes multiple platforms, and it’s being sorted based on the platform using facetFilters. Currently, the search result is populated based on the given platform.

searchParameters: {
  facetFilters: ['platform:' + plt]

Since I have multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows), is it possible to have multiple search result options separated by tabs? Something like:

Hi @rushenn – It looks like you’re using the DocSearch component, which wouldn’t support this multi-query, tabbed UI out-of-the-box. But it’s absolutely do-able with the Algolia API and our front end libraries.

For instance you can do this using a multi-query search within our InstantSearch frontend. This will return the results from each platform query in a complex JSON object you could then render as a series of tabs on the front end.

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