Help need with optimizing search results

Dear Algolia community,

I am currently working on enhancing the user experience in our Algolia search implementation and have encountered a specific challenge regarding filter options.

When users search for a specific term like “table,” the search results are accurate, with unrelated items (e.g., lamps) appropriately ranked lower. However, the challenge arises in the filter options, where the category of lamps still appears, cluttering the filters, even though these items won’t be prominently displayed in the search results. So, I may have 500 tables and related items, but also a few unrelated items like a lamp, which adds the category of lamp to the available filters.

I am reaching out to seek advice on how to exclude certain categories or items from the filter options, specifically based on keywords or attributes. The goal is to present users with a streamlined set of filters that directly align with their search queries.

It’s possible that I am looking at this the wrong way and need to achieve more accurate search results instead.

I appreciate any insights or best practices you can share on managing this aspect of Algolia search.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

In my applications I make my facets (filters) searchable.
That way, the options that are irrelevant when searching with keywords are not shown