Help with Ranking and Exact Words

Hi there,

I have problems with the order of the search results.

Example: When I search for “bolsa” in my search engine, products called “bolsillo” or “bolso” appear first. No: I want those that contain the word “bolsa” in the name to be the first results. No matter the rest of criterions.

For that I have set the Exact Word count criterion as the 1st. But it doesn’t work. It seems that this criterion only takes value=1 when al least two words are written. I want that, even if only 1 word is written, if it coincides exactly in the name, it comes out first in results.

I’ve Attached a screenshot. I don’t understand the screenshot number 1… 0 exact words? I’ve got 1 exact word!

Can you help me?

Ok I think it’s solved: the solution is to move Typo criterion to the first places of ranking.