Help with Vue Autocomplete dropdown

Hi, i am trying to make a simple dropdown for my since no dropdown is provided by this plugin. In the code below, most of it was taken from algolia’s code example of a vue component using the autocomplete widget. What i trying to do is create a method called setResult() to modify the value of currentRefinement, since this is the input value. I don’t more what to do. I already tried creating currentRefinement inside data(), tried creating it in export defaults before data. Nothing works. I am really getting mad. How i am supposed to create a dropdown for widget? How can i change the value since it is already binded to currentRefinement and in algolia’s component there is nothing to retrieve any $emit i could try?

a bit more information: This is the Search component created, in this component i call this algolia’s widgets.

Hi @feimberg, would it be possible to create a codesandbox to demonstrate the issue? We have starter templates for Vue here.