Hidden _highlightResult

I’m doing search and search return the json. Json inside _highlightResult, I dont want to return _highlightResult,Is this possible

[{speciality: [ ‘Swift’ ],
surname: ‘Acer’,
tickCount: 1,
objectID: ‘2rnWA7TF11gSWxec7MsCA5iRhjw1’,
_highlightResult: { interest: [Array] } } ]

Hi @cevizbilgi34, thanks for reaching out!

This field is returned to let you highlight your search results, which is an important feat of a great search experience.

You can choose which attributes to highlight with attributesToHighlight.
If you don’t want the _highlightResult for any attribute, simply set this parameter to an attribute that does not exist: e.g. attributesToHighlight="NotARealAttribute".

Have a nice day!