Hierarchical Menu menu implementation

I am working on a project where the client has enlisted Algolia. We are implementing a front end search for our users with Hierarchical Menu on android. But I am unable to find any documentation of it on android platform.
If there is already a way to implement this and I am not seeing it please could you point me in the right direction.


Hi @shaikh.ahmed1972, welcome on our forum!

I’m sorry you could not find any documentation for building a Hierarchical Menu on Android, this is something we miss today.
However we are currently releasing InstantSearch Android, our new library for building efficiently Android apps with Algolia!
This new tool provides widgets to build your apps so you can use our standard components or build your own and reuse them across your applications: you could easily build a Hierarchical Menu widget that you could then reuse in any new app!

I recommend that you have a look at InstantSearch Android’s Documentation: read the Main Concepts to get an idea of how it works, after which you can see what’s a widget and how to implement your own!

(You can base your work on the existing RefinementList widget, which is a Non-Hierarchical Menu. Getting, displaying and refining on the facets will already be handled, you’ll just have to add hierarchical capacities to it :slight_smile:)

Don’t hesitate to check the widgets’ code to see how they are implemented: first the Stats widget is a good example of a simple widget’s logic while the RefinementList widget is a simpler version of what you want to implement.