Hierarchical Menu - Order by Hits Desc


I’m noticing unexpected behavior with the ordering of a hierarchical menu (react-instantsearch-dom).

In the image below, I would expect the order to be as follows:

  • Website/App Builders (51)
    • Website Builder (34)
    • App Builder (10)
    • Ecommerce Store (7)
  • Community (15)
  • Product Analytics (7)
  • Design (5)

The ordering is correct for “Industry” and several other refinement lists. Not sure why it is not working for the hierarchical menu widget.

The code for each is further below. Am I missing something?

<RefinementBlock header="Category">
    {this.props.searchState.query && <HierarchicalMenu attributes={["categories.lvl0", "categories.lvl1", "categories.lvl2"]} limit={10} showMore />}
<RefinementBlock header="Industry" tooltip="Many apps are general use, others are built for a specific industry.">
    {this.props.searchState.query && <RefinementList attribute="industry" limit={10} showMoreLimit={100} showMore />}