hierarchicalMenu - expanded

With the hierarchicalMenu widget, is it possible to have it display in an expanded state?
That is, that state is in after clicking an item at each level

what I would like to end up with is a refinementList, including checkboxes, with hierarchy indenting.

Hi @ajmercer,

You can pre-select a path for hierarchicalMenu with the searchParameters option. Here is an example with a pre-selected path. Note that you can’t select multiple paths at the same time with our built-in version.

You can work around this issue with a custom widget. It’s not a trivial task but we do have an example. Note that this implementation has a limitation compared to the built-in one. We fetch all the facets on the initial call but the engine limit this number to 1000. It means that if the hierarchy of facets goes beyond 1000 this list won’t be exhaustive.

Hope that helps!