HierarchicalMenu only show one level


I have some trouble to show more than one child of my hierchicalmenu with the react component . I don’t know what i’m doing wrong (i do the same thing than the storybook but it doesnt seems to work).

SO my pretty simple code look like this:

      <InstantSearch appId={ALGOLIA_APP_ID} apiKey={ALGOLIA_API_KEY} indexName={ALGOLIA_INDEX_MATERIAL}>
        <Configure hitsPerPage={10} />
        <Hits />
          attributes={['hierarchicalHierarchy.lvl0', 'hierarchicalHierarchy.lvl1', 'hierarchicalHierarchy.lvl2']}

I have setup the hierarchicalHierarchy.lvl0 for facetings like this

And the menu show good but when i click on a lvl1 menu, the lvl 2 doesn’tt appear. For example when i click on Revetements > Revetements sols, there are 4 sub category like show in algolia dashboard :

But with the HierchicalMenu nothing appears, i click on Revetement sols here : 29

I try with a Custom hierchicalMenu (with this code Custom Hierarchi Menu), and the items appears empty when i click on Revetements sols.

Any idea what i’m doing wrong?


Hi @Thibault92,

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Would it be possible to create a codesandbox demonstrating this problem?

We have a starter template for React.

Post us a link here when you have it ready!


Here a exemple with a test account. I have hierarchy lvl 2 and i want to show but when i click it does’nt appear.

I want “Parquet” appear in the list when i click on menu Revetement > Revetement sol

Problem solved, i have a double space between the “>” character. My bad.

And for information, i was fooled by the view of dashboard doesnt show this space. Exemple:
When i see this, i see it’s ok.

But the edit view 17

Hi @Thibault92,

I’m glad you got this solved!

And thanks for putting your solution here in the Community so that others can find the answer should they have the same problem!

We appreciate your contribution!