hierarchicalMenu with shows an arrow even when there are no children

I am not sure why that when we use a hierarchicalMenu, the arrow is displayed even when some items have no children.

Here is a snippet of one of our objects…

                     "Materials & Minerals",
                     "Electronic & Electrical",
                     "Sciences/Maths > Chemistry",
                     "Sciences/Maths > Maths",
                     "Sciences/Maths > Physics",
                     "Sciences/Maths > Science",
                     "Mechanical/Manufacturing > Automotive",
                     "Mechanical/Manufacturing > Manufacturing",
                     "Mechanical/Manufacturing > Mechanical",
                     "Materials & Minerals > Materials/Minerals",
                     "Electronic & Electrical > Electrical",
                     "Electronic & Electrical > Electronic",
                     "Civil/Building > Building Services",
                     "Civil/Building > Civil",
                     "Civil/Building > Quantity Surveying",
                     "Civil/Building > Structural",
                     "Chemical/Process > Chemical",
                     "Chemical/Process > Process",
                     "Aerospace > Aerospace"

As we don’t have a lvl2 defined at all, i’m not sure why any of the lvl1 items are showing the arrow (see screenshot below)

and this is how the hierarchicalMenu widget is setup…

					container: '#discipline-facet',
					limit: 50,
					attributes: [
					showParentLevel: true,
					sortBy: ['name:asc']

This arrow comes from the InstantSearch Algolia theme. It’s appended to all elements matching the CSS selector: .ais-hierarchical-menu--link::after. You can override it in CSS.