Hits per page settings not working

Hey, I try to set the hits per page from 20 to 50, but it is not working at all. I changed it in Configuration and changed it in Code.

My search request looks still like this ```
First Log
“params”: “facetFilters=&hitsPerPage=20&page=0”

Hi there,

Based on what you shared it seems that you are also setting the hitsPerPage=20 at query time, which overrides the hitsPerPage=50 set in your configuration.

Can you maybe share the code you are using to do the query? (with all the sensitive information removed)

Links to the docs that may be helpful:


Thats my App delegate.
I do ist with InstantSearch Pod and using “tableView: HitsTableWidget!” and searchTextfield: TextFieldWidget!.

The Search request is just one line of Code

search is a String I pass in the query.

Hi @themichaelley
Looks like you use the outdated version of the InstantSearch. Consider updating your dependency to the latest version, follow the Getting started guide and let us know if you have any issue.