Hot Stacks Recap: Data Science Edition 🥞📚👩‍🔬

This week, we had our Hot Stacks event, in partnership with Stackshare. We focused on Data Science and had an amazing set of panelists. Hot Stacks, for those who haven’t attended, has pancakes, coffee and all sorts of great breakfast goodness. This SearchBar™, however included Mimosas. :smirk_cat::clinking_glasses:

Pancakes, Coffee, Bacon … oh my!

Left to right: Alex Avritch, Ladan Nasserian, Juliet Hougland, Michelle Casbon, Ankit Sobt, Yonas Beshawred

Social bits

Erin Watson shared with us

Data Science means different things at different companies and different departments. I’ve had a lot of titles but I’m one person and did mostly the same job.

Our speakers had some great insight on how to start with your Data Science team…

Juliet Hougland - Data Platform Engineer, Stitch Fix
Juliet Hougland builds data science infrastructure at Stitch Fix. She is a data scientist and engineer with expertise in computational mathematics and years of hands-on machine learning and big data experience.

Start simple. Get your data warehouse in order and be mindful about the data decisions you make. Document those and iterate on that schema.

Ankit Sobti - Co-founder and CTO, Postman
Ankit Sobti is the co-founder and CTO of Postman, an API development environment used by over 5 million developers around the world. With previous engineering roles at Adobe and Yahoo, and experience in product, business, and development, he now leads the core technology group at Postman.

Invest in the right opportunity when you’re in discovery. Give actionable detail

Michelle Casbon - Senior Engineer, Google
Michelle Casbon is a Senior Engineer on the Google Cloud Platform Developer Relations team, where she focuses on open source contributions and community engagement for machine learning and big data tools. Prior to joining Google, she was at several San Francisco-based startups as a Senior Engineer and Director of Data Science.

Use the right tools for the job, not everything needs a hammer. Remember, technology is just the tool, define into the problem you’re solving. Don’t skimp on training. Find the shortest path to solve the problem you have.

Ladan Nasserian - Software Engineer, Segment
Ladan Nasserian is a Software Engineer at Segment, a Customer Data Platform used by over 15,000 companies to optimize their customer interactions using first-party data. Ladan previously worked as a Customer Success Engineer, collaborating directly with many of Segment’s biggest clients to implement effective mobile and server-side tracking strategies.

Don’t build out your own tools if you don’t have to. Don’t dynamically track events. Get your biz case locked down and iterate from there. Your queries will be much easier.

You can view the entire panel, here, expertly moderated by Yonas.

Stack again soon!

Thank you to everyone who came, we are looking forward to our next event May 15th, focusing on modernizing your stack. Stay tuned…and puppos are welcome!