How can I add multiple attributes in one index for Search

How can I use multiple attributes in an index? From the below code, I can use the “name” from the record. I also want to include City in the searcher. Do I need to create multiple index or can I just include the other attribute?

“name” : “John”,
“City” : “Seattle”

val client = ClientSearch(ApplicationID("XXX"), APIKey("XXX"), LogLevel.ALL)
val index = client.initIndex(IndexName("index"))
val searcher = SearcherSingleIndex(index)

val dataSourceFactory = SearcherSingleIndexDataSource.Factory(searcher) { hit ->

Hello @bijays.nitdgp
For sure you can extract any other attribute. By doing something like:


You also need to make sure that the settings in your index are setup correctly with attributesToRetrieve (You can do it from the dashboard)