How can I disable the automatic sorting done by RefinementList? (using with connectors)

I have successfully implemented a Custom Refinement List by the use of connectors for an application I am creating. However, I would like to disable the feature of a Refinement List element going to the top of the list as soon as it is clicked/selected.

I have looked into solutions but it didn’t make sense to me.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Not sure if you can do that with a Refinement List, but if you can accept just a single refinement shown at a time then you can use the Menu widget:

I did not mean to preempt a response to @hi12’s original question by suggesting Menu instead of Refinement List.

I also wish that we could selectively disable the ‘jumping around’ effect when choosing combinations of refinements.

Algolia is fast, but I can check and uncheck boxes faster! And, if the labels are of similar length, one may not notice that the positions have changed. This can lead to the wrong boxes being checked…