How can I downgrade my account

We are not currently using Algolia. We’d perhaps like to preserve the ability to revive our use of these in the future (with our current accounts), but would like not to pay for active service. We need to downgrade our account. If so, what information would you need from me?

Hi Jov,

In normal situations, an account that is inactive would be removed after a period of time. However, since your data usage is within the free community plan limits, I would recommend downgrading to that plan. This way you are not on a paid account, but will have the account open with us.

Hi Jasmine,

Yes I want to have the Free Plan as of the moment. Can you advise how can I do it? Thanks.

Hi Jasmine, I want to download my account to the free one please. How can I do it?

Should be as simple as making the selection here: