How can i exclude certain items from being indexed in a right way?

Hi! I have a question about the right way to exclude certain information from being sent to Algolia.
I’m working on a node / Javascript project that sometimes receives certain information, and then it sends it to Algolia on my transform function, so I’m able to watch it on my dashboard. Now i want to enable a way to exclude data that has a specific condition, so i added an If conditional on my code, but I’m not sure what sould I add in that condition to ignore the info and stop the execution.
¿Should i add an functions.https.HttpsError if the information that i received has the condition? ¿Should i send the result as null? ¿Or just add a return and stop the function normally?
I hope someone can help me and teach me the correct way to solve this problem.
If you need more specific information about the problem please leave a comment and I’ll answer as soon as i can. Thank you! :slight_smile:

when you need to exclude certain information from being sent to Algolia based on a specific condition, there are multiple approaches you can take. The best approach depends on your specific requirements and code structure.

You can choose to skip sending the data altogether by using a conditional statement and returning or exiting the function if the condition is met. This approach is straightforward and ensures that the excluded data is not sent to Algolia at all.

Alternatively, if you have an array of data and want to exclude specific items, you can use the Array.filter() method to create a new array that includes only the items that do not meet the condition. This approach allows you to filter out the undesired data before sending it to Algolia.

Another option is to leverage Algolia’s own exclusion mechanism. You can set the objectID of the records you want to exclude to null or any other unique value. Algolia will recognize this and skip indexing those records.

Ultimately, the choice of which approach to use depends on your specific use case, the structure of your code, and the desired behavior for excluding the data. Regardless of the approach, remember to handle any potential errors or exceptions that may arise during the data exclusion process, particularly if you are making network requests to Algolia’s API.