How can I get Foundation 6 into the Algolia InstantSearch?

I think this is just down to a simple error. I can’t seem to get Foundation 6 into teh algolia instant search. DO you have any suggestions on how to do this?

Hi @dave2,

could you please provide us with some further insight as to waht your problem is? Are you tryingt to integrate instantsearch.js with Foundation 6? I.e to provide a search bar that uses Foundation’s CSS?


You’ve set the shopify tag in your question, so I’m assuming that you’re using our Algolia for Shopify integration.
This integration relies on instansearch.js v1, which documentation can be found here:

All of its widgets accept a cssClasses parameter allowing you to add custom classes to the elements created by the widgets.
You can definitely start there, by modifying algolia_instant_search.js.liquid.
We’ve also done a lot of custom CSS in the integration, which you’ll likely have to change in algolia_instant_search.css.liquid.

I want to integrate the Foundation JS. For my results, I want to be able to show a reveal when a user clicks a specific link on the product. A “Show Me More” function. Foundation has a great reveal plugin that makes modals easy. I use them in other places in the site and thought it would be easier to use that than to have to write a custom one.

So, I want to include Foundation JS functionality into the rendered result. Thus far I’ve been unable to get it to fire when it’s clicked.

The missing piece for you is probably this: