How can i get records (items) just user have never seen before from algolia?

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I try to get records (items) which has been never seen before by current user. But I couldn’t find any solution.Is there any way to specify that property?

Implement a mechanism to track the items that have been seen by the user. You can introduce a separate table or field in your database schema to record the items viewed by each user. Whenever a user views an item, you store a record of the association between the user and the item. Then, when querying for new items fbdownloader, you can exclude the items that have been seen by the current user based on the recorded associations.

Update Viewed Record List: As the user views new records, update the viewed record list in your backend or database. This step ensures that when you fetch records next time, you exclude the ones the user has already seen in `WhatsApp Group Links

By combining user tracking with Algolia’s filtering capabilities, you can retrieve records that the user has never seen before from Algolia’s search index. Remember to adjust the code according to your programming language and specific implementation details.

User Interaction Tracking: Set up a mechanism to track user interactions with the items. For example, you could log the objects of the items that the user has viewed, clicked on, or interacted with in any way. Perform Algolia Search: Perform a regular Algolia search to retrieve the records you want to display to the user.

I’m facing a bit of a roadblock and haven’t been able to find a solution yet. I’m wondering if there’s a way to specify a property that marks whether an item has been seen by the current user or not. I’ve explored various options for plumbing estimating services, but so far, I haven’t had any luck. If any of you have experience with a similar requirement or can provide guidance on how to approach this, I would greatly appreciate it.