How can I have ApiKey and IndexName sent from the DocSearch team?

Dear Sirs,

I have built a personal website via Vuepress Hope theme, and my site is at

Vuepress Hope theme tells me that I could use @vuepress/plugin-docsearch instead of its default engine (see Search | vuepress-theme-hope for the instruction).

I have submitted the URL of my site at DocSearch: Search made for documentation | DocSearch by Algolia with my email ( as follows:

Unfortunately till now I have not received the apiKey and indexName from you.

By the way, I cannot log in the Algolia Crawler either. Each time I got the following prompt when I click the “Sign in with Algolia” button:

Could you please tell me what I should do next?

Thanks in advance!

Li Bo
(my email is at

Stilling waiting for reply…

Thank you for reaching out. To receive the ApiKey and IndexName from the DocSearch team for your Vuepress Hope theme website of , you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the DocSearch website or platform where you submitted your site’s URL.
  2. Look for the section related to API keys or configuration settings.
  3. There, you should find the ApiKey and IndexName provided by the DocSearch team.
  4. Once you have these values, you can integrate them into your Vuepress Hope theme’s configuration following the instructions provided in the Search documentation.

Dear priddybroderickson5,

Thanks for your reply.

The platform where I submitted my URL is at

Unfortunately I fail to find the section related to API keys you mentioned.

Thanks in advance for your furthur explanation :pray:

After I making all recent updates to the content on the forum, the search results seem to lag behind and do not reflect the latest changes. This becomes particularly problematic as users rely heavily on the search feature to access up-to-date information. I’ve ensured that the pvc patches content has been successfully updated and indexed, but the search results continue to display outdated information.