How can I type in a input and have the results in antoher page?

I try to use and understand Algolia and I don’t understand how to do this.
For example:
How can you type a search in the homepage and directly have the results like there is a result page ?
I can’t make it with InstantSearch.js

Hello @qbolgi can you give us more information about the UX you’d like to reproduce. More specifically which part of doctrine’s UI do you want to build?

So, there is the simple homepage with the company’s presentation.

I’d like to build this input: doctrine_input

When we type a word, they directly present results, and we don’t see the homepage anymore: doctrine-results

I don’t understand how it is possible to create this input.

I looked back at your screenshot and I’m wondering, is that the dropdown with the suggestion that you want? Or is it the UI that is hidden before the first search?

That’s the UI, I don’t understant what event I have to choose to change the position of my input (from banner to header).

I think it’s when the user makes a search that the searchbox has to change it position. And after that I want the searchbox to stick to the header even if the user reset his input.

But I can’t translate it into Javascript.

Don’t know will my answer helpful to you or not, you can took native js and redraw showing results as you want, also how a read later Algolia has the ability with jquery showing a custom view.