How can i use the helper on angular InstantSearch

I need filter my results for a hierarchical facet.
i can do this:
then I can filter my results but I want to use the helper out of config because I must filter only on the ngOninit function

I try install algoliaSearchHelper with NPM but when I compile my program I get this error:
ERROR in node_modules/algoliasearch-helper/index.d.ts(6,8): error TS1192: Module ‘“C:/Users/glupi/Documents/Trabajo/ifElse/pagina-hyperabasto/node_modules/@types/algoliasearch/index”’ has no default export.
node_modules/algoliasearch-helper/index.d.ts(1053,16): error TS2304: Cannot find name ‘Omit’.

Then my question is, how can I use the helper at the ngOnInit function, out of the config json.

thank you!

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