How convert Algolia ranking to a single number

I know that the Algolia philosophy is tie-breaking. However, you wanted to visualize the query results it would be neat with a single number. Do you have any recommendations?


I would suggest you to have a look at how our dashboard displays this information.
Hover over the small trophy icon on the bottom right of each record to see the information.

This information is retrieved using getRankingInfo.
Learn more about it here: .

Thanks jerska

Yeah I know about the ranking algoritthm. I just wanted to know if there is a standard way to map the tie-breaking algorithm into an number before I invent a way myself :slight_smile:

There is none that I know of.
The main issue you’ll face is that you need to put an upper bound to your custom ranking, which has one different value per record, so you’ll need to define a max amount of records for this.

Ok. I make my own up then :slight_smile: I am almost there