How do I delete an application?

Hi, I set up a search application for my open source project a while ago. We now switched to using a different search provider, and I wanted to delete my old app, or at least the index. But it says this feature is “disabled by my administrator” and I’m confused. I thought this account was my administrator. Is there any way to figure out who my admin is, or how to proceed?

Do I need to get in touch with Algolia support? If so, how do I do that?

Hi @techwriterkoduje!

Did you set up an Algolia account for this project or was this through the DocSearch program? DocSearch applications are managed by the DocSearch team and we need to follow a different process to delete them.

Hey @chuck.meyer. Honestly, I don’t remember :sweat_smile: But it’s possible that it was through the DocSearch program. Could you help with that?

The good news is DocSearch is free – no need to delete the account. But let me know the domain and I can pass it along to the team if you want to make sure it’s cleaned up

Thanks, Chuck. The domain is

Yeah, we could keep it around, but since it’s not used, I would prefer to free up the resources so that other people can benefit from the program.

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Who else in your organization has administrative access to the algolia account? Have you checked with your team members or colleagues who might have the necessary permissions to disable the feature? Thanks

Thanks for reaching out, @nekopapp212 . Yes, I checked with everybody and everybody sees the same: “this feature is disabled by the administrator” :woman_shrugging::sweat_smile:

Do you know a way to check who the administrator is? That might help.

Hey, is there an admin here? Because it looks like @andertaker021 might be an advertising bot.