How do I get a "Have you read this article"-type result


I’m making a support center-type website. Most of the articles on the website are short and searchable in algolia. There is an “open a new support ticket” feature on the website, and the client wants the end users to be presented with a “before you submit, have you read these articles?” thingy once the ticket request itself is written.

I’m not sure how to go about this. Does anyone have any advice? How would i compare text A to texts stored in Algolia? Anything is appreciated, really.


Edit: Tagged “wordpress”, since that’s the platform I’m working on, but not really relevant I guess.

Hi @andreas2, You could take what the user has typed and do a search. Using the ‘removeWordsIfNoResults’ parameter, the search would start removing words from the query until results are found.

Another option would be to pre-process your search query before searching to only include the topics you’d like to search.

Thanks, I went with option #2 - but nice to know about the removeWordsIfNoResults parameter. Thanks!


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