How do I keep the index updates?

I have been testing out Algolia for a few days. It seems that when I upload a file to my index, it’s not actually updating anything. I changed the facets on a few items and when it uploaded, it never changed the data.

What is the best way to update an index? Should I delete the records and reload them every time.

Do you upload the file through the Algolia dashboard or something else?

Through the dashboard.

Hi @tatiana.p , it’s strange that uploading a file doesn’t appear to change your index. :thinking: Are you getting any kind of success or error message once you’ve done the upload?

To troubleshoot further, could you please email over at with your appID, the data you changed (that’s not being updated), and either the file you’re uploading, or a subset of the file you’re uploading?

No errors or anything. I’ll shoot over an email. I’m sure I am missing something

It turns out when updating using the dashboard, you have to use the ID. Otherwise, it doesn’t do anything to the existing index.

To update records it’s recommended to do it manually 1 by 1 in the dashboard or use the API