How do I manage these queries that seesm to be non-human

Hi I am concern as I noticed increasing count of Searches without Result. Firstly they looked like non-human queries, hence I am concern with security and also wastage of my subscription which accounts to 20% of my total search queries.

The queries mostly look like these strings: soi keo uy tin 【zalo:945084771】tang 38k【co bac tren internet yangxin 【】tang 38k】lju

Appreciate if anyone can advise how I can minimise or manage it.

That is quite odd, I haven’t personally seen that before but it seems like perhaps some kind of automated traffic.

One thing you can do is to see if these requests are coming from the same IP address, from the Algolia Dashboard, select ‘Search API Logs’. From there, you can dig into every search request and get the associated IP or see if there’s one IP that is always doing the same request. From there, you can block this IP at the host level and not worry about it generating any un-needed traffic.

Note: You can do the same with the get-logs API method.

We have some more information on this page if you are interested.