How do I read the IndexingResponse from algoliasearch?

When I run a partial_update_objects I get in return a:

<algoliasearch.responses.IndexingResponse object at 0x7f2cd16ad7d0>

How do I read this? I can see what it is by searching the API logs, but I can’t find any documentation on how to turn it into json or a dictionary?

I’m working in python, and I’ve tried using methods from the Requests library and that didn’t work.

I also found this in the client code, but it’s not immediately apparent to me if it is helpful:

class IndexingResponse(Response):
    def __init__(self, index, raw_responses):
        # type: (SearchIndex, List[dict]) -> None

        self._index = index
        self.raw_responses = raw_responses
        self.waited = False

    def wait(self, request_options=None):
        # type: (Optional[Union[RequestOptions, dict]]) -> IndexingResponse

        if not self.waited:
            for raw_response in self.raw_responses:
                self._index._sync().wait_task(raw_response["taskID"], request_options)

        # No longer waits on this responses.
        self.waited = True

        return self