How do I regenerate my Algolia Crawler API Key

Hey there,

My Algolia Crawler API Key have been exposed. Is there any way to regenerate this?

Hi @nikolas ,
You need to go to the “API keys” section of your Algolia dashboard.
After which you would then see an option for regenerating your API keys.

Hey @Harsh,

Thanks but that’s not what I am looking for. I’m looking for regenerating the API key in, which I found is different to the ones in the Algolia Dashboard that you mention.

Ah I see.

In that case you need to go to your “Algolia Crawler Admin Settings”

You will then see a button called “Regenerate”.
Clicking on the “Regenerate” button would then regenerate your Algolia Crawler API key.

The below link from the official Alogolia docs explains this more in depth.

Hope this helps!

Great thanks!

Found it~

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