How do I save an edit to a record in an index/ indice?

The question is self-explanatory. I have a bunch of records in an indice. I click on the ‘eye’ icon which I believe is the edit icon in order to edit the data for that record. I click out of the modal but the edited information doesn’t save. I can’t find the save button or maybe I’m not editing in correct manner.

Please advise as soon as possible on the correct way to edit a record in an indice.


I think Sepehr already answered you in an email (please tell me if it’s not the case). I’m just going to copy-paste his answer here so that everybody can see it:


If I understand correctly, we just want to manually update the contents of a single specific record? If so, we can accomplish this inside the Algolia dashboard by:

(1) navigating to the “indices” page
(2) selecting the desired index from the select dropdown
(3) on the “browse” tab for the selected index in question, each record in the search results should have a pencil icon near the bottom right corner of the hit (nestled directly between the image icon and trashcan icon) . Clicking the pencil icon for a given record should allow you to modify the JSON content and re-push the record (confirm your edits by clicking the green “Push record” button inside the edit-record modal window), updating it in your index.

Following the above steps should allow you to edit the data for any given record. Please let me know if the above instructions make sense and help resolve your issue, or if you have any further questions! :slight_smile:




Yes, Sepehr answered my question. After reading his answer, I realized I didn’t have a pencil icon near the bottom right corner only a view icon. The reason was I didn’t have config access. My permission issue was simply solved by going to the ‘Manage Team’ pane (you may have to ask your team’s administrator) and asking for config access to configure indices.

Hope this helps someone else.

All the best,