How do I setup "must-find" keywords?

How do I setup “must-find” keywords? There is a specific list of keywords I have, about 100 of them, I want to set it up so that if the searcher includes them in their query, the returned results MUST contain that keyword in a specified attribute

Here is an example:

Currently I have the following products:

2005 Toyota Celica Headlight Driver Side
2006 Toyota Celica Headlight Driver Side

The customer searches “2010 Toyota Celica Headlight” and Algolia currently returns BOTH the 2005 & the 2006 products above, even though neither of them have the keywords “2010” in them. I would instead like it to return no results in the above scenario (by specifying “2010” to be a must-find keyword (amongst a list of other specific years as well)

You’d be better off treating things like the make and model year as facets and adding them as either dropdown filters or as an in-line tags.

There’s a great tag example here: Filtering results with tags | Autocomplete | Algolia

And here’s an example for dropdowns: Facet dropdown with InstantSearch.js | Algolia