How do I upload a CSV with an array for a facet?

I’m uploading a file to create a new index. I have an array for a facet formatted like color: [“blue”, “green”, “brown”]

But when it uploads, Algolia imports it as a single string: “[“blue”, “green”, “brown”]”.
I tried opening the CSV in a text editor and changing the parenthesis, but that broke the CSV format and caused an import error.

I need to import things like colors, etc as an array. Can that be done with a CSV?

Hi @miguel.3e780ede, You’re not able to use arrays when you upload from a CSV in the dashboard, each value will only come in as a string. You can however upload a JSON file and it will work correctly with the array of colors. I do believe you might be able to achieve this though by using the CSV Toolbox with specific delimiters. Would you be willing to share more about what you are working on? As the PM for data connections I’d love to get your feedback on some CSV/JSON ingestion features we’re working on, let me know: