How does Algolia count index operations? Does "browse" api call cost operations?

As I have read, and as explained by Algolia documentation, only indexing operations will be charged based on the monthly limit. As explained it is only any modification made to a record or to the index settings. However I am a bit confused by the indexing operations under dashboard page, it is counting “browse” as well. I looked into Records and Operations Tab, “browse” is grouped under indexing operations. So the question is , does it cost me if I am using the “browse” operation?

The “browse” operation is an index operation, this is why the dashboard displays it along with other indexing operations. However, because it is not a write operation, there is no charge for it. Only operations that change an index are charged - this includes update, add, delete objects, as well as changing index settings.

Algolia does not charge for search operations. So, even though browse is an indexing operation, it is free like all other read operations (e.g. Query).

To get more information on this, check out the short video on our pricing page.

However, I agree our dashboard does not make this clear. So I have opened a ticket on our side, to improve the dashboard and also add this response to our documentation.

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Thanks Peter for the answer. It’s clearer to me now. Thanks for helping to open the ticket too. Cheers. =)

The pricing model has changed.
It’s not clear now how the “browse” operation is priced.

I have just received the answer from Algolia support:

"Browse operations are counted as 1 query to the API = 1 operation, just like a standard search. "

So a “browse” operation for 1000 records is counted as 1 operation.