How events from a React Native app to send algolia

I am having a hard time finding examples on how to use this library (search-insights) in a React Native app? Are there any, anywhere? I try send event to algolia but dashboard not show anything

Sending events can sometimes be tricky, have you tried using the debugger to see if there were any issues with the request?


From the Algolia Dashboard, select ‘Data Sources’ from the bottom left corner, ensure ‘Events’ has been selected on the left-hand side menu, and switch to the ‘Debugger’ tab.

From here you should see a list of every event sent to Algolia. Do you see your events in this list? If not, this means the request didn’t make it to Algolia’s servers and there may be a code issue to resolve. Would you like to share your code so I can try to help you debug it?

Here’s what the debugger looks like with a valid event and an invalid event:

Happy to help further, let us know! Thanks!

Hi @michael.king createInsightsMiddle not work with react native and return Can’t find variable document .