How implement multilingual search with symfony bundle


I’m working in a booking activities app. I already implement a search engine to search activities matching the query with the title, description and keywords. I would like to add some translations and be able to make search based on the user locale. At the moment all the activities are in english, I want to translate them in spanish and be able to search activities based in the translated title, for exemple.

I did some researchs and I didn’t found how to work with transalted indexes. In the Algolia documentation I found Using one or multiple indices to handle multi-language search but it’s not specified how to use them.

I’m using the symfony algolia-bundle, I didn’t found a way to use several indexes (one in each language) with the same entity, in my case the entity Activity. I saw an open issue explaining that this is not possible…

In one hand in the Algolia doc we can see that we can work with multiple indexes to handle multilingual-search but in the other I didn’t found how this is possible if we can’t use multiple indexes for a same entity.

Am I forced to add several titles to my Activity entity to handle this ? (ex : title_en, title_es…)

Someone found the same issue ? How did you handle the multilingual search ?

Thank you in advance for your help,
Have a nice day !