How many operations does this use?

Currently we pull data out of an index like so using the C# library:

        AlgoliaClient client = new AlgoliaClient(algoliaId, algoliaApiKey);
        Index index = client.InitIndex(algoliaIndexName);

        Query query = new Query("")
            .SetNumericFilters($"post_modified > {lastQueryTime}")

        JObject res = index.Search(query);
        JToken posts = res["hits"];

The index holds ca. 1300 objects.

Does the execution of this count as 1300 operations? Or is this 1 operation?

Thanks for any insight you can give me regarding search operations.

Hi ecoffman,

you’re only performing 1 query, so this is merely 1 operation.

Just to be clear, for users on our essential plans, our pricing is based on Records and Indexing operations. Since this is a search query, it does not contribute to the quota of Indexing operations at all.

Let us know if you’ve got any further questions!

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