How personalize HTML of list of categories


I’d like to personalize the HTML of the output of the list of categories (“faceting”), cause of i’d like to show them in a bootstrap dropdown

I tried but i can’t figure it out. Thanks you so much (if you give me an example, i will appreciate).

Hi @frescainsalata,

what do you use to display the list of categories now? HierarchicalWidget from InstantSearch.js?

If so, in this widget you can specify used templates so you can change it’s visual look.

Let me know how it goes.

Hi, thanks for the answer.

This is my example page

can you check out it? how can i sue bootstrap in that example? what do i need to change?

With that method i can’t add dataset, so i can’t use bootstrap dropdown.

Can anyone help me, please? Up?

Can anyone please help me? Up :sweat_smile:

Really no one? Please…