How to access the Algolia Helper in Magento 2

I would like to interact with the algolia helper class on certain magento 2 pages but can’t find many examples. Currently I have the below code but the foo function never fires on the “result” helper event. Do I need to access the original helper instance and if so how do I do that? Or is there something wrong in the code?

    requirejs(['jquery', 'algoliaBundle'], function ($, algoliaBundle) {
    var algoliaConfig = window.algoliaConfig;

    $(function () {
        var client = algoliaBundle.algoliasearch(algoliaConfig.applicationId, algoliaConfig.apiKey);
        var helper = algoliaBundle.algoliasearchHelper(window.algolia, algoliaConfig.indexName);

        helper.on('result', function(content) {

        function foo(content) {
            alert(JSON.stringify(content, null, 2));

Hi @supplies,

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You can use one of our events listed here.

Here is an example.

Let us know how this works for you!
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Thanks for the response Cindy. But I would like access to the “results” event for the main Algolia Helper object which fires after new results are returned. In the code in my original post I forgot to mention that if I add on the last line then that results event will fire, but not if I make a new search or filter selection on the page. That’s why I was wondering if the helper in my code is not the same helper instance of the filters/search and therefore not attached to that results event. Does that make sense?

How have others added a custom results event in magento 2?