How to actually define ObjectID when using .saveObjects?

In the docs, there is no example to explicitly define ObjectID. I do want to use autoGenerateObjectIDIfNotExist as it duplicate my objects in the index. Nor do I want to use replaceAllObjects as creates more and more Indices each time.

I am using useEffect to pull the API from MongoDB. How would I define ObjectID? Through a for loop?

For reference this is for a MERN app.

useEffect(() => {

    const config = {

      headers: {

        Authorization: `Bearer ${userInfo.token}`,



    const fetchPasswords = async () => {

      const { data } = await axios.get("/api/passwords", config);




  }, []);

    .saveObjects(passwords, {

      objectIDs: passwords._id,


    .then(({ objectIDs }) => {