How to add facets and faceFilters to ais-configure in vue-instantsearch

I am trying to upgrade my vue instantsearch to v2. I am using facets and facetfilters to restrict all search results . On the version 1 I was able to add a query-parameters to the <ais-index. This no longer exists on version 2 but has been replaced by <ais-configure but I can not understand the docs as to how I can apply the facetfilters. Here is the <ais-index for version 1

                facets: 'site',
                facetFilters: 'site:demo'


Can anyone help me to apply the same facets to version 2 of vue-instantsearch? Thanks

Hi @info.light,

Yes, the replacement for the query-parameters option is the ais-configure widget. You can’t use the facetFilters directly anymore because this parameter is managed by InstantSearch. It will get overridden. You can use the filters parameter though. Here is an example without our dataset. Applying the widget to your example would be:

<ais-configure filters="site:demo" />

Hope that helps!